I’m Deb Griffin, an aspiring author about to finish her first novel. So…what comes next?

What happens between that last professional edit and the bookshelf at Barnes and Noble?

I thought I knew, but I’m discovering there’s a whole lot more to the book business than I’d ever imagined.

My son is an artist. My daughter-in-love, an actress. I encouraged them both to blog about pursuing their passions. Take us to the art shows, put us in the studio, invite us to auditions. Neither did. No one listens to the mama. LOL

But then I thought, ‘Hey Alice, walk the talk.’ You’re finishing your book, you want it published, so follow your own advice. Blog about what happens next. Take other aspiring writers, readers, and curiosity seekers down the rabbit hole with you. Together, we’ll learn about the business of becoming an author. I have no doubt it will be quite the adventure.

You coming?